Go Native!

Our goal: To operate a native and culturally significant greenhouse and nursery project at the Bandon High School for the prosperity of our home and our friends and family.


The Go Native project has created a hands-on business oppurtunity for students at Bandon High School in planting, caring for, and marketing native plant species right from school property in Bandon, Oregon. Students can gain knowledge and experience through the real life science of plant propogation, as well as marketing and sales as they undertake the duties aligned with aiding this project. The community service hours that the students dedicate towards this project have been greatly recognized by the staff of BHS and community members of bandon alike. Go Native produces several thousand native plants for sale each year; something local research suggests is a growing need in our area. The experience of the staff and external technical assistance will create steady guidance and successful outcomes for students. Ultimately, in the Fall of 2015, the Go Native project became a self-sustaining organization providing funds for plant material and supplies and summer work. Outcomes are being measured both in plant sales and student success post high school graduation.