Redmon Pond Restoration

The Redomon Pond is a freshwater pond located in Bandon, Oregon. This pond is a area of heavy traffic for migratory birds and local birds alike. Bandon high shcool students have been working with Science teacher Trent Hatfield to retore habitats by eliminating invasive plant species around the area and helping to plant native plant species that are under represented in the area's habitat. Further plans include an intrerpretive Wilderness trail with notices and cautions of flora and fauna. The pictures below show students listening to lectures on the state of the Pond's habitat and student working on site at Redmon Pond.

Plant Species for Habitat Restorations

Go Native has been growing several native plant species that can be used for several different habitat restorations. the Available Plant Species page has a list of some popuar native species. there is also our Inventory page that lists our full inventory with prices as of May 2015. the pictures below are of a few students helping to plant some trees for the nursery and a pisture of the greenhouse and nursery at Bandon High School

Coastal Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)

Bandon High school students have been active in participating in the assisted migration theory program promoted by Archangel Acnient Tree Archive (AATA). AATA has been the sourcce of the donated cloned champion redwood trees that the Go Native nursery is selling as a fundraiser. several others have been planted around Bandon. Pictures depict the process of moving some of these trees.

Art Show w/ Southern Coos Hospital

The Elementary School and Middle School classes were given lessons on the science of watersheds and the animals that live around ours. Students were then tasked with making artwork that would reflect species studied in the science lessons. Student artwork was hung up at Southern Coos Hospital in Bandon, Oregon from April12-June30, 2015. Below are some pictures of Student artwork.

Coquille Watershed: Flora and Fauna

Students have been creating a ecosystem based coloring book of plant and animal species that can be seen if we visit our river systems. Printing of coloring book has been funded by Coos County Cultural Coalition and all children at Ocean Crest Elementary school will receive a copy.

Bandon Old Town Native Plant Mural

A Mural Was painted in Old town Bandon by students at the high school. the Mural shows student artwork of native plant species to our area as well as historic "Face Rock" in the background. below is a picture of the Mural with some students that helped with it.